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promise to families.

Childhood is a treasured time. At Vistara Juniors, we believe it is our responsibility to provide environments and experiences that capture the joys of childhood, nurture each child’s individual growth and development, and pave the way for success in school and life. We are committed to the families associated with us.


Our loving and language-rich facilitator meets the requirements of growing toddlers (1-2 yrs old). Our well-trained staff help them to overcome separation anxiety with ease.  The pre-planned school environment gives opportunities to develop basic motor skills, sensory and perceptual development, language acquisition as well as making kids understand simple commands. Children recite rhymes and stories during fun activities to get settled down.


Our trained and caring Vistara’s teachers help adjust toddlers’ needs as they experience their first contact with other children and learn to participate in a cooperative group.

TENDER HEARTS (2-3 Yrs play group)

Our classroom flourishes under the guidance of trained teachers in a “prepared environment.” During the early years of development, children easily learn life skills, literacy skills, eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor skills which they find fascinating.

Activities in the preschool classroom include early language and number work, “practical life” (cooking, manners & personal care), introduction to cultures and geography, art and music activities, outdoor activities. At Vistara’s playschool education develops a creative, caring, and confident child who loves to “learn”.

NURSERY (3-4 Yrs)

Our nursery curriculum has international award-winning products from Jolly Phonics, Fitzroy Method, Evan Moor, Highlights, and Kids Creativity School.

The curriculum is time-tested. The highlights of the curriculum are:

Children are able to achieve literacy and numeracy levels two years ahead of their chronological age.

LKG (4-5 Yrs)

The learning areas at the LKG level revolves around building their language skill, mathematical skills, cognitive development, physical and social skills. The language skill includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Under the mathematical, it’s more on numeracy and logical reasoning, spatial awareness.

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UKG (5-6 Yrs)

Our UKG program provides a challenging learning environment designed to stimulate curiosity and support moral, physical, and intellectual development.

The warm and exciting educational environment at Vistara Juniors features a hands-on experiential approach to learning. The student leaves the Vistara’s program with the self-concept of a capable learner and contributor and with an optimistic vision of his or her own future.