Learning Match

Connecting families with educators. We at Vistara’s Child care in Hadapsar ensure that even in uncertain time we are all standing in unity . Parents join to connect with the respective educators through technology and make sure their child gets correct knowledge of things. Vistara’s playschool takes the stress out of searching for tutors, caregivers, educational coaches—virtual or face-to-face—whatever your family needs! Versatile communication tool fosters parent engagement and involvement. A convenient way to help schools streamline communication among administrators, support

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Learning is Messy!

Some teachers’ worst nightmares consist of paint-covered children running around and causing havoc, which is why messy play is something teachers often shy away from incorporating into the classroom. However, getting messy is an essential part of children’s early childhood development. In fact, if you reflect on your own childhood, playing in the mud or jumping in rain puddles is probably one of your favorite memories. Some of the few reasons why our pre primary school in Hadapsar embrace this

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How to choose the best child care center?

Some people have had such a difficult, challenging experience in their own schooling that they feel unable to step in and support their own children. Some people wish they had a teacher with whom they could meet regularly (in-person or virtually) to help ask questions, seek advice, or find out how to best support their children. They just need a little extra help. Some families may just want to hire an educator to “coach” them through this tricky time or

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