We are the leader in early education and childcare.

Vistara Juniours (previously known as Little Champs and Little Wings International) brings more than 20 years of experience in the field of early childhood education and child care.

Best Preschool and Child Care Center in Hadapsar

Vistara Juniors is the most trusted playschool, preschool, kindergarten and day-care brand located in Hadapsar, Pune. With more than two decades of experience in nurturing young minds, Vistara Juniors has established itself as the Best Playschool, Preschool, kindergartens and Daycare centre. Our aim is to help as many children as we can, to learn important life skills at an early age. Also, we want to equip the parents to raise, Happy and Confident children with lifelong learning skills. Vistara Juniours is a home away home created by Dr Kanchan Nasare, for young parents, especially mothers who are really keen to give the best possible early learning experience to their kids.

My Story

Hi, I am Kanchan

I am a passionate educator, entrepreneur, speaker and advocate for helping children to discover their talents and foster effective communication in early childhood.

My journey to launching Vistara Juniors and then Vistara World School started with my deep desire to build an institution where learning is an effortless and endless joy for children. With my intense research, I found that children can do amazing things if they start at an early age.

The teaching and learning process at our centers is largely inspired by Maria Montessori, Glean Doman, Jean Piaget, Sue Lloyd, and Harvard Gardner. Through continuous practice, it is our realization that the method discovered by these great Educationists is highly relevant in developing children’s physical, emotional, social, and Cognitive skills.

We want all the parents to understand that the first five years of a child’s life are the most precious years. The exposure and the experiences the child receives in the early years have a large impact on who they will be in their later life. It is our constant endeavor to help children and their families to create a happy, healthy, and nurturing environment, thereby creating a compassionate learner and a healthy society.

Let us join together to raise a future generation of children who are inquisitive, confident, independent, and mindful.

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Best preprimary school in Hadapsar
Best preprimary school in Hadapsar
Best preprimary school in Hadapsar

Our History

Founded in 2010, we are the leader in providing early childhood education and care to children. Within a short span of time, we have established ourselves as the best preschool and a day-care centre in Hadapsar, Magarpatta city, Pune.

Along with our team of dedicated teachers, we partner with parents and children,  to build a vibrant community of learners. We foster a love for learning and we are committed to a create a difference in the lives of children and families associated with us.

Vistara World School along with Vistara Juniors are handled by Vidyashilp Education Trust.

What we Beleive

We firmly believe in the infinite potential of the human mind. Our children have indefinite potential and as an adult, in their lives, we need to help them grow and achieve their full potential.  The name ‘Vistara’ a Sanskrit word meaning limitless expansion symbolizes this belief.

The school is a culmination of great education models around the world. After analyzing the growing needs and paradigms of comprehensive understanding, the learning model has been constructed.

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Advantages of Vistara Juniors, Hadapsar

Kids at a tender age are exposed to the correct environment for fostering their growth. Our diligently curated programs and activity schedules, aim to raise a child’s skill graph in all aspects.

Health & Safety

Vistara Juniors, hold health and safety as the foremost priority. Our strict protocols on sanitation and security ensure orderliness in operation. 

Our day-care centre in Hadapsar excels in all the basic requisites at each level of schooling. A thriving atmosphere, honing the uniqueness of little brains and meticulously engaging them in crafts leading them to excellence.

All our primary education and preschool premises are allocated with:

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