Best preschool & daycare school in Hadapsar
Best daycare school in Hadapsar

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Curious little brains and parents

Vistara Juniors is the best preschool and daycare in Hadapsar. It has the perfect environment, you have been looking for your little artist. The school has curated all the elements to bring out the best in kids and keep them engaged in something meaningful. Here he/she gets a spectrum of things to experiment with and discover their keenness.

We bring to you a world, fulfilling your child’s initial days of learning and cultivating their curiosity.


Vistara Juniors Hadapsar?

Vistara Juniors is run by a parent for the parents. No one else understands better than we do, that is what parents expect for their children in terms of education and care.

Our leadership team brings more than two decades of experience to create a powerful and enthusiastic learning environment, so as to make sure that the optimum learning and development of the children is achieved at every step. Our key strengths are: 

Best Preschool and Daycare in Hadapsar



Well-Trained Staff

Today, Vistara Juniors is ranked as Best Preschool and daycare in Hadapsar, Magarpatta city Pune, because of our hardworking and dedicated teachers and supporting staff. Our teachers undergo regular assessments, workshops and various training making them up to date and capable of handling every situation.
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Less Mainstream Approaches

We go out of the general set patterns, to make the child aware of activities, or things they are engaged in, focusing on enhancing their understanding skills.
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Vistara Junior’s Curriculum

We provide a well-balanced curriculum to strengthen early learning skills. Our primary focus is on building foundational literacy and numeracy skills. Our staff is well trained and they use a multisensory approach while introducing any new skill to our students. In today's ever-changing world it is important that our children develop the ability to assimilate information and make use of it in solving critical problems. We build a love for learning so as to make them lifelong learners.
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Safe and Secure Premises

The school is kept under 24 hours surveillance and facilities like live GPS tracking, RFID installation plus tight security to protect children through all means.
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Love and Nurturing Environment

Kids at Vistara Juniors are exposed to a homely environment with materials and activities which are suitable for their tender age, building their creativity, thinking, and language skill development.
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Health and Hygiene

We are the best preschool and daycare/ creche in Hadapsar, following strict hygiene and cleanliness protocols. A high level of sanitation is maintained at all places and centres.
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we meet kids where they are.


Everything that’s eye catchy and contributes to growth and development.


Feeding the curiosities and enhancing their physical and motor skills gradually.


The very first step into the schooling world, sprinkled with nurturing and care.

Junior KG

Mouldings them in the right direction and channelizing their energies on the growth path.

Senior KG

Making them grow fonder and feeding their inquisitiveness to pave a greater future for them.


Best Preschool and Child Care Center in Hadapsar

and see Vistara Juniors preschool

Visit our premises and we will serve you with all your answers. Come, join our new session. If you are keen on knowing more feel free to contact us on the details provided below or you can fill the inquiry form, given below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Best Preschool and Daycare School in Hadapsar
Best Preschool and Daycare School in Hadapsar
Best Preschool and Daycare School in Hadapsar


to know more about our preschool and daycare program

You can visit us or drop us a call. We would be happy to get in touch with you in the best preschool and daycare in Hadapsar. Reach out to us through email, call, or maybe a visit would be great. Laxmi Vihar Apartment

Hadapsar Pune, Maharashtra, India 411028


Best preprimary school in Hadapsar
Best preprimary school in Hadapsar

kids. Just watch what parents say.

None bigger than early education. Parents know that at Vistara Juniors Preschool & Daycare we make it our passion to nurture a way of discovery.

Best Preschool and Child Care Center in Hadapsar
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